No Mona Lisa

Shade: Awkward

I wish my smile hid something revolutionary, like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. A painted virtual reality, before that became a thing. How her smile moves with your gaze, shifts with your movement. Art, science and illusion combining into a masterpiece that draws in humanity, without any of us understanding why we are enthralled by this teeny tiny canvas lady. Or maybe something mystic. A secret passage to a sacred world. A smile that holds an invocation, a vow, a promise. I wouldn’t mind a spiritual vibe. A smile that stands for the depts of our being, the universe incarnate in the folds and curves of a woman’s lips. I’d even settle for some joy. A smile depicting a joyous moment, captured artfully by my lens.

It’s none of that though. It’s just awkwardness. It’s me feeling uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Feeling awkward being seen. I have no idea what to do. So I just stand still and smile. Maybe no one will notice.