Man of the woods

Shades of Guy.

He feels most alive in the midst of soaring mountains. Peaks rising into the sky, clouds cloaking them from sight. Snow and Ice. Sheer unforgiving rock face giving way to trees upon trees upon trees, becoming forests untouched by the ambitions of mankind. Here he resides. The man of the woods. Preferring the wilderness over the cultivated. Revelling in the whispering thunder of nature, running from the screaming silence of manmade jungles.

Come a little closer if you will. Look, there he is. Peacefully breathing in and out, delighting in the crisp morning air. His hands rough from working with the earth, digging deep in the forest floor. You’ll see a serene inviting smile light up his face as you walk up to him. Once you get to know him, you’ll notice his tranquil emotions. Soon he’ll become the rock you always lean on, an unshakeable presence in your life. Taurus Rising. Taurus Moon. His Taurus soul pours out of him and his living peace becomes yours. So much so, you don’t even notice you are only standing at the edge of the woods of this man.

Would he allow you to move deeper into the forest, your world would become darker with every step, trees moving together and growing to impressive heights. Spruce, pine, ginkgo, baobab, palm, sequoia. Miscellaneous trees transform his woods into a place of myths, where wild critters and magical beings roam obscured by dark. This is not a place for the fainthearted. At this point most would call it a day and run back to where the days are brighter. To truly know him, you have to be brave and keep going. This Guy doesn’t have a choice. His essence is hidden in the mysterious darkest parts of the woods, where the trees leave sparse space in the thick canopy for the light to shine through. Solitary glittering rays of sunlight, becoming moving shadows as he goes. A raw place. A sacred place. A private space. All the senses are intensified here. All his feelings overflow here.

It’s a complicated marriage between his calm soul at the edge of the woods and the bottomless, impassioned Scorpio Sun of his being you find here. One fighting with the other to get a hold on his days and take over his nights, shaking his equilibrium. Victory for one, meaning defeat for all, as the man loses one of his shades of I. So a marriage it is. With the man as the mediator negotiating the terms of coexistence, travelling back and forth, learning to embrace all the fragments that make him whole.